Warrior Moms

I took a break from writing during this Pandemic. I took time for myself and I took time to grow. In that time, I found a passion for highlighting other moms like me, I call them Warrior Moms. That is when the Warrior Moms Live Stream was created. Each episode we feature a parent who is out there trying to manage thier life and still be a true BADASS. Initially, I focused on Special Needs Moms but I have branched out to reach a wider audience because something I quickly realized is that a Warrior Mom can be a mom who has a child with Epilepsy but a Warrior Mom can be that mom who raises three teenage girls while battling Bi-polar Disorder, a Warrior Mom can be that single mom who works two jobs to make sure her children don’t go without, or a dad who shares in the duties of taking care of their special needs child. My point is that even though the show is called Warrior Moms there isn’t just one kind of Warrior parent and the world needs to see that. I also wanted to add in companies, products, and services that help make a Warrior Mom’s life better.

This has been such an amazing and rewarding experience and I hope you enjoy these stories. They will make you feel all the things.

Join us as Shena Daly Pearson, Executive Director of the Gulf Coast Epilepsy Alliance shares her story and all the amazing things GCEA has coming down the pipeline. In my opinion, this is going to be a non-profit that really helps change the landscape of Epilepsy Awareness and they are JUST GETTING STARTED!
Guest, Rhonda Kuykendall, Chairperson for Fort Bend County DA Human Trafficking Team, talks about what we can do in the Fort Bend County area to help put an end to Human Trafficking. She also gives advice to parents on how they can help protect their kids and parent with awareness.
Guest, Rhonda Kuykendall, Chairperson for Fort Bend County DA Human Trafficking Team, comes on to really explain what the current state of trafficking is in the Greater Houston Area!
Guest, Mandielee Demke, shares her Warrior Moms story.
Guest, Tawny McAnally, of Rare Epilepsy Education Foundation (REEF) shares her Warrior Moms Story and how her passion for Epilepsy Awareness and Education lead to the creation of her non-profit.
Guest, Teri Liddell, of AHUG Foundation shares her story and the driving force behind her non profit.
Guest, Jeanna Finch, shares her Warrior Moms Story.
Guest, Tonja Moon, shares how she helps women find confidence through health and nutrition.
Guest, Sarah Washington, shares her Warrior Moms Story.
Guest, Esperanza Sauceda, shares her Warrior Moms Story.
Guest, Lori Ham, shares her Warrior Moms Story.
Mom & Daughter Duo, Ann Zamora & Becca Dunlap, share their multi-generational Warrior Mom’s Story.
Guest, Aydee Deaton, shares her Warrior Moms Story.
First episode, Host Trina Rothman and Co-host Aydee Deaton, talk about how the show came about and Trina shares part of her Warrior Moms Story.