So you wanna know a little about me? Okay. I get it, what makes me able to write and cover such a broad range of topics? This is a LONG STORY and I will try to sum up as much as possible.

To start with the basics: My name is Trina Rothman (technically, there’s “MBA” after my name too). I am 35 years old. I am from Sugar Land, Texas and I currently live in Richmond, TX. I went to college and graduate school and did pretty well for myself in that regard. I met my husband when I was 19. We have one daughter and she suffered a traumatic brain injury during birth and she is special needs. As it turns out she also has severe Epilepsy that presented when she was 13.5. She is not her injury or her Epilepsy and she doesn’t let any of those labels define her. She is an amazing young lady. People say that I am strong – I learned to be strong by watching how strong she is.

Here’s where things change… When I first started this blog is was about our health journey and I knew it was going to be so helpful. Well. I was wrong. Shortly after launching the blog, my daughter’s epilepsy became the center or our universe. Once we could come up for air, I decided to use the platform that I created (this blog) to help other families…

Then the pandemic hit and depression took over.

I allowed myself a bit of time to lament what was and never will be again. Then, I realized how important it was to work on myself and grow as a person. How could I be the mother my daughter was going to need if I was using underdeveloped coping mechanisms? I couldn’t. So I embarked on what I now call a “Soul Renaissance.” I saw an add for an online seminar hosted by Rachel and Dave Hollis of the Hollis Company and decided to spend the $65. I didn’t expect much. Another thing I was wrong about.

During the Hollis Co.’s first virtual event (Rise Live) I was inspired to use my platform for helping others- but wasn’t sure how. Days after the Rise Live Event I was also approached to join the John C. Maxwell Leadership School (it has always been a dream of mine to be a Life and Business Coach because I have always felt that I was never really meant for a “traditional” job). I immediately joined the training program and I felt like God’s plan was starting to reveal itself.

Shortly after that, a friend gave me a “tough love” talk about how I needed to use my platform and my ability to communicate to help raise awareness and he suggested a podcast. I literally knew nothing about podcasting and I feel like I still don’t. But that conversation lit a fire and that was the start of something I never thought would be what it is today – the Warrior Moms Podcast.

I am still very much on a health journey and to really focus I hired a Health Coach. After working with her, she offered to mentor me as a Health Coach, so now I am learning how to be a JMT trained Speaker, Life & Business Coach and now a Health Coach all while building my brand and the Warrior Moms Podcast. I feel blessed beyond measure and I truly feel like I am on the path that was meant for me.

The Warrior Mom’s Podcast streams live to our Facebook page Wednesday evenings at 8pm/CST and once I figure out how to actually do a podcast I will work on adding it to other platforms.

“Trina has a lot of knowledge and experience that she shares. I love how open and honest she is when the keyboard is at her finger tips. I always look forward to reading her new posts and blogs..”

Tiffany McFadden, A friend I asked to write something