Self Made

I walked away from a big salary and bonuses and a company that up until the pandemic let me do whatever I wanted and I was good at my job- probably one of the best they had in that role. Why? Because I wasn’t fulfilled. I was frustrated. I was stressed from the effects of… Continue reading →

From GED to MBA

I’m a high school drop out. Does it surprise you to know that? That’s a serious question. I don’t hide that I’m a high school drop out from anyone it is actually something I’m proud of. I dropped out because I refused to play the game that an ego-tripping judge wanted to play all because… Continue reading →

Epilepsy: What to Buy (a growing list)

It seems like each week we learn something new about Epilepsy and all the things we need to do for our Epilepsy Warrior. The list of things to buy seems endless and it appears that there is no shortage on companies looking to make a buck on the real fears that we parents have regarding… Continue reading →

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