Big changes for me

Big Changes.

I mean. 

Some things I can announce now and others I cannot. 

Last week I attended a conference that brought me to my knees. I walked in expecting to learn some Podcasting tips and walk out a better Podcaster. Instead, I walked in and was punched in the face with my revised-calling. I say “revised” because I was totally doing what I 𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱𝓽 was my calling.


I was wrong.

Well… it’s more like what I was doing lead me to that conference and that could be the “calling.” Sure. Fine. If that was my “calling” then what happened last week was my “yelling.”

Y’all. *FULL STOP* I was punched in the face by the Holy Spirit. 

I am re-doing my show (Warrior Moms) and have pulled the season and will be relaunching the show with a new element and sharing my testimony in the first episode. If you don’t know my story and want to know why “Warrior” is literally tattooed on my body and why I resonate with the word – this is it. 

The last thing. THE. LAST. THING. I expected when I went to this conference was to have my whole world flipped upside down. I was FINALLY settling into what I thought was a new chapter in my life and now I feel like I just skipped some chapters. I have literally sat in some uncomfortable but necessary space since late Thursday evening trying to sort though the newness of a newfound mindset and am working through some things.

At the same time, so many foundational blocks of my work since leaving corporate America have started to form a frame. Unfortunately, for this post, at least, I cannot elaborate on that part just yet but it is equally amazing.

2020 was a hard year for all and 2021- I thought was going to be a year where I lived in the lessons that I learned in 2020 but, on that note, I was also wrong. I ended 2020 with the loss of my favorite uncle and I started 2021 by launching my own company and then I lost my grandmother and a few days later I lost one of my best friends, then to add insult to injury, my dad had a heart attack. I did not give up, despite the set backs, I kept moving forward because that is what they would definitely want.

I didn’t realize that my moving forward would lead me down this road… but what an amazing road it is going to be. I cannot wait to share the news as it develops.

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2 thoughts on “Big changes for me

  1. LOVE IT and YOU! You are doing exactly what He has designed you for. Your purpose in this life was proposed by Him who has waited for you to accept. I can’t wait to hear more as you share bit by bit. I am so excited for you, sweet one!



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